Cape Tech Group

Remote Monitoring & Management

    Threats to your IT system are evolving

    CTG's RMM protects and monitors against the ever-changing waves of security threats

    CTG offers a full setup and maintenance of the popular Microsoft 365 Business package, a Cloud based Exchange email server. This comes with All office professional applications – Skype for business – a Multitude of business applications for teams ‐ Calendaring.

    A perfect solution for your day-to-day IT system.

    The RMM package, offered by CTG covers all our needs. We're very impressed.
    Andy Lawless
    Bodu Web

    CTG Backup Vault

    We now have a new Cloud based backup and disaster recovery solution that can be bundled in the CTG RMM package or run on its own. Full onsite backups, Full Cloud backup, and Full image capabilities for your important servers and workstations. Much improved platform over our previous offering.

    Email Spam Prevention Solution – Provided by Proofpoint Essentials – Critical component in stopping email born viruses and malware as well as phishing attacks.

    CTG have always been thorough working with our systems, and their new RMM package gives us the peace of mind to focus on our business.
    Jim Murphy

    Remote Monitoring

    • Processors
    • Running processes
    • Memory
    • Network adapters and utilization
    • Disk and volume usage
    • Software and hardware inventory
    • Services, logs and more!

    Remote Management

    • Full License of Teamviewer Enterprise
    • Screen Sharing
    • File transfers
    • Cross-platform support (browser, mobile, Windows and Mac)
    • High security (RSA 2048 public/private key exchange, AES 256-bit)
    • User chat* Remote audio/video
    • Session recording

    Next generation Antivirus / Malware

    • Active Learning Virus protection package from BitDefender
    • Deploy and configure AntiVirus within the CTG RMM console
    • Monitor and alert on threats
    • Initiate on-demand and scheduled scans
    • Configure exclusions and quarantine files